Self-Defense Products and Sole US Distributor for the JPX Pepper Gun

We are owned by US Personal Defense Products LLC, the SOLE U.S. Distributor of the JPX in the U.S. and every JPX 2 and JPX 4 are all considered LAW ENFORCEMENT grade products.  If any dealer in our network gives you alternative information that they are not LE guns, please call us immediately.  There is no such thing as a separate CONSUMER MODEL or Law Enforcement version of the JPX.  Every gun is built to performance specifications by Piexon to keep up with the needs of Law Enforcement. The prices on our website for the JPX Pepper Guns are standard for our dealers.   If a higher price is being charged by any dealer, then we are not responsible for their comments about the product or the guarantee's that they make about the product.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPECIFIC LAW ENFORCEMENT MODEL OF THE JPX THAT JUSTIFIES HIGHER PRICING.  ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE IDENTICAL AND CONSIDERED LE QUALIFIED.  THE LABELS ON OUR MAGAZINES SHOW A SAFE DISTANCE OF 5 FEET AND ARE WHITE IN COLOR.  ANY OTHER LABEL OTHER THEN  THE FACTORY LABEL WAS NOT PUT ON BY THE MANUFACTURER AND VIOLATES THE WARRANTY AND MISREPRESENTS THE PRODUCT.
Every JPX 2 and JPX 4 listed online or found in a retail store are LAW ENFORCEMENT grade products.  We offer our dealers LE Grade Level 2 holsters for Police and Sheriff units.  We are not responsible for any holsters manufactured outside of our line.   Piexon offers a 2 year warranty on every gun as long as it has not been modified.  The warranty is listed in the manual that comes with your gun with an attached form to fill out and mail in.  IF YOU NEED TO DIRECT QUESTIONS TO PIEXON, EMAIL THEM DIRECTLY AT:

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