Black JPX Security Defense Bundle with Laser

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 The JPX Pepper Gun is the most functional and powerful hand-held OCD delivery system available today.
 Each removeable cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid 10% OC with an effective distance of 20 feet. With ease of training and the power of each super-strong pepper payload has made the JPX very popular among law enforcement and corrections professionals world-wide.  Each magazine carries two self-cleaning pepper rounds, making multiple shots available when needed.  Reloading is fast and easy.
Measures: 7.48 L x 1.46 W x 3.64 H
Weight (charged): 8.81 oz Standard Frame; 9.52 oz Laser Frame; 4.76 oz magazine (loaded).
Operation: Double-action Pyrotechnic firing mechanism trigger with automatic switchover.
Content: 2 charges per magazine, filled with liquid irritant. Each cartridge utilizes 14MM brass cartridges filled to 9MM specifications.
Cartridge Heads:  Black (OC Spray)  Green (Practice with colored food dye)
(Additional Magazines with OC irritant can be purchased separately.)
Volume per charge: 0.29 fluid ounces (11 ml) Irritant agent: 10% OC
(oleoresin capsicum) (OC) with 2.4% capsaicinoid content.  An extract of the cayenne pepper plant, OC is the most effective inflammatory agent available today and is successfully used by law enforcement and military.
OC is superior to CS and CN tear gas when used against psychotics, animals, and assailants under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Charge velocity: 369 FPS Effective
Range:  Up to 20 feet 
Operating temperature range: -5F (-20C) to +176F (+80C)
Drop safety: Drop tested up to 5 feet (1.5 meters)
Water resistant: Yes
Additional Feature:  Mil-spec Picatinny rail for light mounting
Options:  Paddle Holster, Mult-belt Holster or Paladin Police type Belt Holster
Warranty: Two years expiration from date of manufacture.
Available Colors:  Orange, Black 

Some of the benefits:

  • Limits liability associated with discharging a firearm / shooting an attacker or burglar.
  • Looks and works like a gun
  • Can carry in places you can't carry a gun
  • Holds two shots (included) of exceptionally potent liquid will disable attacker at least 45 minutes
  • Ssuperior to tear gas even when used against attackers under the influence of drugs
  • Quickly Reloadable (refills available)
  • Light enough to carry easily (about 12 oz)
  • 20' range. . . you don't need to be close to your attacker
  • Accurate using the sites as opposed to trying to spray someone with a little canister
  • Police grade, serious solution
  • Less affected by wind
  • Not susceptible to heat or cold
  • Doesn't need to be shaken
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • No batteries to charge
  • Measures: 7.28” L x 1.38” W x 3.46” H
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty registration is available at
Is the JPX considered a Firearm? 
Opinion from the ATF:
The Piexon JPX does not constitute a "firearm" as defined in the Gun Control Act or a "firearm" or "any other weapon" as defined in the National Firearms act.  Also, the magazines designed for this device do not constitute "ammunition" as defined in the Gun Control Act".
NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED IN MOST STATES.  Please check your state and local laws in regards to purchasing pepper spray.   Some states do require registration or only allow pepper spray to be purchased from a local dealer.
The JPX can not be shipped to New York,   No shipments outside the United States.

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