High Frequency RF detector
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High Frequency RF detector

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Protect privacy and confidential information with our high frequency RF detector. This device features a detecting frequency up to 6 GHz and comes with an analog/digital detection switch. The digital feature detects bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Fi, cellular phone and digital spread spectrum wireless products. Specially designed for easy and simple use with no complex installation or professional knowledge required. Specifications: • Digital/analog switch for signal strength • 3 LED indicators to determine signal strength • Signal strength audible alarm • Vibration warning mode • Silent alarm monitoring using earphones • Senstivity tuner • 3V DC power (uses 2 AAA batteries, included) • 50 MHz to 6.0 GHz • • Wireless Camera Detection Range: • 5.8 GHz from approximately 2 feet • 2.4 GHz from approximately 5 feet • • Cellular Phone Detection Range: • Analog signals from approximately 20 feet • Digital signals from approximately 40 feet Includes: • Earpeice • Pocket clip

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