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ZAP Stun Cane with Flashlight

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The most unusual self defense product ideal for someone that actually uses a cane
Part Number: PScane
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Steady yourself, light your way and be ready to protect yourself if needed! This ZAP Stun Cane features an adjustable walking cane, an ultra-bright LED flashlight and a stun gun with an unheard of 1-million volt charge that will knock down any attacker. The cane has a weight capacity of 250 lbs and is adjustable from 32" to 36". They'll think it is just a cane until it is too late! It is even rechargeable and includes a wall charger and carrying case. What comes with your stun cane: ~ 1 Million Volts ~ Adjustable Length: 32"-36" ~ Weight Capacity: 250lbs ~ Built In LED Flashlight - Extra Bright ~ Built In Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery ~ FREE Wall Charger ~ FREE Carrying Case CITIES WHERE TASERS / STUN GUNS ARE RESTRICTED: •ANNAPOLIS, MD •BALTIMORE, MD •BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD •DENSION / CRAWFORD COUNTY, IA (*According to Sheriff Tom Hogan*) •DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA •PHILADELPHIA

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