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Tippmann A-5 with Response Trigger

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The Tippmann TCR is the ideal pepper ball gun for crowd control
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Tippmann A-5 with Response Trigger

Combining technology, accuracy and durability, the new A5 HE allows players to choose from semi-auto, auto-response, full auto, 3-shot bursts and turbo firing modes. It’s 2 position external selector switch enables firing modes to be changed instantly from safe, to fire,  mode in the middle of a game. Players looking for even more speed may choose to upgrade their Cyclone feed system to take advantage of the HE’s programmable 30 balls-per-second. The new A5 includes an 8.5 inch high-performance stone-honed barrel to improve accuracy and reduce noise and an X7 Cyclone Feed System for faster rates of fire and reduced paint breakage. Other features include a larger foregrip with removable tang, a low-profile offset hopper for a clearer sightline, a removable front sling mount and a magnesium receiver design to decrease the markers weight. By utilizing advanced technology, the new A5  combines all the traditional A5 advantages with superior speed and shooting options. Moreover, the A5s unlimited upgrade potential means users can add high performance upgrade and MilSim cosmetic parts to accommodate any style of play.   *PAVA BALLS  and AIR TANK OPTIONAL                    


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