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FIRESTORM JPX 2 Black LE OC Cartridges Cas
FIRESTORM JPX 2 Black LE OC Cartridges Cas

FIRESTORM JPX 2 Black LE OC Cartridges Case of 15 2024

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These are are newly designed Black JPX 2 OC Cartridge's for the JPX. They are lighter in weight and all a single piece. No more tips giving the JPX a sleeker look.
Part Number: JPX051BLK-2
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The FIRESTORM Black JPX 2 Pepper Gun is a reloadable high-tech OC delivery system. Each cartridge (two per magazine) fires exceptionally potent liquid OC with an effective distance of 23 feet. These fire at 405 MPH or 590 FPS from the nozzle. The OC is rated at 4 million scoville units and 2.4% capasoids.
Warning: The MINIMUM safe discharge distance is 5 feet from the tip of the magazine to the target. These cartridges typically have about a 4 year shelf life. 
These are the only cartridges available for the JPX 2 and fire 23 feet at 590 FPS from the nozzle.   

Cartridges that have expired should be disposed of and replaced with updated cartridges. Expired cartridges may not fire properly when needed. In addition, the cartridges should be stored in a reasonable temperate environment. The cartridges safe temperature range is: -4 degress F to +140 degrees F.

These cartridges put out 4 million SHU making sure the perpetrator stays down after being hit with the OC.  This OC has Concentrated strength: Active agent Piexol 400kS.  Piexol is an extract from the cayenne pepper plant. Its irritating effects come from capsaicinoids, contained in the extract. The liquid extract irritates the eyes, the mucous membranes (nose, mouth) and the respiratory tract. The result: temporary blindness, coughing and nausea. The knockout lasts about 45 minutes, normally without side effects
• Pepper plant extract • Strongest agent in the world • Immediate effects
• Dissipates after 45 minutes • No side effects p the perpetrator down for over 45 minutes.


Caliber 14 x 109mm Piexon (CH)

In regards to the irritant OC agent used, we rely on a trusted formula and years of experience in testing. Capsaicin has proven to be the most reliable irritant agent when used against assailants under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as against animals. To be able to make a reliable statement on the required minimum safety distance we have conducted extensive wound-ballistic tests performed by a trusted and wellknown ballistic expert. If you have questions concerning the safety of our products we are more than happy to provide you additional research information (law enforcement agencies only).


New JPX4 Cartridge Cal. 14mm Piexon

JPX disposable magazine containing two rounds.
Explanatory video

Canned Heat Cartridges


The JPX emits only a minimum of airborne irritant agent droplets causing the undesired cross-contamination. This makes Piexon products also suitable for indoor use. The technology of "shooting" vs spraying of the liquid OC irritant not only improves accuracy but also significantly reduces the risk of generating aerosols small enough to enter into the respiratory system, which can be harmful for asthmatics.


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