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Military Issue Tactical Outdoors Canteen Straw Kit

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Convert your military canteen into a convenient flexible hydration system. This Brigade QM kit has a drinking tube inserted in a replacement canteen cap that fits standard Army 1, 2, & 5 Qt. canteens. The tube is protected with an Olive Drab braided nylon cover. Equipped with a standard Bite valve for water delivery on the go. Allows positioning of the canteen on field gear. Perfect in training environments.

Use your own GI canteen to receive the benefits of bite-and-suck drinking without interrupting your field activities. This kit provides a flexible hydration drinking tube to allow positioning of your canteen in the Ruck or web gear.
  • Will fit all 1 Qt., 2 Qt. and 5 Qt. American military canteens.
  • GI Canteen Drinking Tube Kit contains Grommet Modified Army Canteen Cap
  • Clear 44-in. TPU Drink Tube
  • OD Green Bite Valve
  • OD Green 36-in. Nylon Braided Sleeve.
  • Made in the USA
  • Canteen is NOT included.

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